Hello everyone!

Im so late on my New Years outfit post, I know I know lol…First of all since we went to spend the holidays out of town with my family in Arkansas, which I was thrill because we stayed there for a whole week.

I forgot the statement  pieces  of my Christmas and New Years outfit… YES! My shoes 😭 I was so mad with my self, but how could I not when you have to pack seven different outfits for seven days right? Ok so moving on to my New Years outfit, I purchased this peplum jacket a while back on JustFab. I was thinking of pairing it with a black pencil skirt which I forgot too 😐 Anyways, so I ended up combining it with this gorgeous pencil skirt also from JustFab. And last but not least, I wore these bIack pumps with the big zipper in the middle, that I wore for my daughters birthday. I ended up loving the final look of the whole outfit.


Red Peplum Jacket from JustFab

Pencil Skirt from JustFab

Dhalian Black pumps from JustFab currently sold out



Our gorgeous  mother ❤️ makeup done by my sister-in law and hair done by yours truly 😚



My beautiful not so baby sister lol ⬆️⬆️




Happy 2017 😘


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